Danielle Gregoire

State Representative, 4th Middlesex District

This is a letter I sent two weeks ago to the Governor and the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to inquire as to Massachusetts’ progress in complying with the Federal Real ID program. Download inquiry (PDF) Several of my colleagues in the Massachusetts Legislature sent a letter to the Governor demanding swift implementation of Real ID.  [...]

House Passes Enhanced Anti-Bullying Legislation(0)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE    February 27, 2014 Contact: Jennifer Mercadante (617)722-2460 BOSTON— Representative Danielle Gregoire (D-Marlborough) along with her colleagues in the House of Representatives passed legislation this week that builds on the 2010 landmark anti-bullying legislation. This legislation was overwhelmingly passed on a vote of 143-4. While the original legislation prohibited bullying, cyber-bullying and required schools [...]

Hotels as Emergency Shelters(0)

As many residents are aware at this time, the City of Marlborough and our hotels are currently housing more than 50 homeless families from across the state that were placed here by the MA Department of Housing and Community Development.  As we continue to face an epidemic of homeless families, we must be cognizant of [...]

Meet Danielle Gregoire(0)

Danielle Werner Gregoire is lifelong Marlborough resident and community activist. Danielle’s dad hails from Worcester, MA and is a Veteran of the Navy Reserves, and former employee of Digital. Danielle’s mom is a Marlborough lifer and recently retired after over 25 years of service to the Marlborough Public Schools. Danielle graduated in the top of [...]

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